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Árbe Luhkka

The STOORSTÅLKA Árbe Luhkka is an traditional Sámi winter garment, made in hiqh quality 100% wool. It’s an optimum garment for reindeer herders at work, perfect when taking a walk in the park or Christmas shopping in London. It doesn’t matter who you are, Árbe Luhkka is for you.

The STOORSTÅLKA Árbe Luhkka comes in three beautiful colors: royal blue, scarlet red and black. One size fits all and it’s unisex.

Árbe means heritage in Sámi language. And the Árbe Luhkka is a comfortable garment that will keep you warm in every bad weather. The choice of material is classic, and the model has been refined from generation to generation.

The STOORSTÅLKA luhkka model ensures maximum freedom of movement. The garment is designed for an active lifestyle and we believe that our customers should be able to go skiing, put on a rucksack, clean frost from the car or answer a phonecall – without being imprisoned by their clothes. If you are paralyzed and don’t need freedom of movement, there’s also competitors that you might want to check out.

STOORSTÅLKA Árbe Luhkka is a traditional woolen Sámi luhkkaA red woolen Sámi luhkka

View from behind of the traditional woolen luhkka by STOORSTÅLKAThe woolen luhkka comes in Royal Blue 100% wool

Woolen Sámi luhkka, view from behindThe hood of the Árbe Luhkka in black wool with red decorations